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Your thorough journey with Epicuren Discovery includes high frequency +  lymph drainage + light therapy + extractions

Each selection is remedies specific concerns.   75 minutes $200 after service charge

GEMSTONE ENERGY | Skin Concern: Dull, Lackluster Skin

This unique treatment includes a manual citrus microderm scrub to polish the skin and reveal it’s natural radiance.

Next is a Crystalline Gemstone Masque utilizing the energy of a very rare blend of

Tourmalines, Topaz, Lepidolites, and over 45 different micronized gemstone crystals.

Gemstone crystals are proven to increase hydration levels within the skin;

these rare crystals are blended with Bentonite Clay to create a high energy, deeply hydrating, tightening, and detoxifying result.

Skin will appear remarkably lifted, refreshed, and revitalized. 

GLYPRO PEEL | Skin Concern: Rough Texture, Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Uniquely formulated Intel-Release Professional Peel utilizes an advanced delivery system

to slowly release exfoliating acids into the skin, reducing the potential for acute inflammation and irritation.

This 30% GlyPro Gel Professional Peel is the perfect advanced facial treatment for individuals concerned with the signs of aging.

Rough texture, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines and wrinkles will be visibly improved.

Dramatic results are also achieved when this facial is given in a series and accompanied by a proper home care regime. 

BEEHAVE | Skin Concern: Problematic Skin

This treatment highlights Epicuren®’s powerful line of Propolis products.

This amazing ingredient, combined with Noni is perfect for those concerned with problematic skin.

This treatment will deeply hydrate, restore, and nourish the skin, achieving phenomenal results. 

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