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A highly astringent formula created to restrict the blood supply to fibroids, polyps, & errant uterine tissue.

Without a blood supply, the fibroids or polyps may loosen & fall away from their connection to the uterus/ovary.

Other herbs in this formula work as a uterine lavage to assist the body in eliminating the fibroids & polyps vaginally.

Traditionally used for uterine fibroids, uterine polyps, ovarian cyst, endometriosis.


Organic Ingredients extracted in alcohol:

Hibiscus, Billy Webb, Oregano, Mexican Wild Yam, Rosemary, China Root, Billy Webb Bark, Cockspur Bark, Maguey Silvestre & John Charles.


2 oz


Formulated in Belize by the Esteemed Herbal Midwife, & my teacher's teacher, Miss. Hortence Robinson.

Pairs perfectly with Castor Oil, Moon Oil, & Steam Herbs.

Hortence’s Formula

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