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Hormonal Balancing With Vitex

The miraculous activity of Vitex essential oil to address hormonal imbalances is based on its ability to balance the hypothalamus and through that it balances estrogen and progesterone, no matter which one is deficient.

Supports menopause, pregnancy, menses, uterus, and breasts.

The improvement is natural and gentle and it can take several weeks before a change is noticed.

The best form of application varies from person to person.

For some just a sniff from the bottle several times per day is enough, some ingest 3 - 10 drops spread over the day or apply a few drops topically maybe even in the shower.

In countless cases Vitex has improved the quality of life by reducing hot flashes, mood swings and depression.

Vitex can also relieve the severe pain of menstrual cramps.

Vitex is pregnacy safe can can be taken for healty uterine lining.

Sandard dose is 1-5 drops 2x/day for entire cycle.

Our favorite thing to do is add a few drops to carrier oil for your self-care breast massage for circulation, lymphatic flow, and hormonal balance!


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